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Maintenance and repairs

Minimised downtimes thanks to speedy service

GESIPA® riveting tools are manufactured to the highest quality standards. However, should repairs ever become necessary, our technicians will provide fast and reliable assistance. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us – we are here to help!

The benefits of the GESIPA® repair service:

• Repair by qualified technical personnel
• Use of genuine spare parts
• Safety check after every repair
• Retain the warranty and tool availability

Is your GESIPA® tool not working? We're here to help

If your setting tool is broken and you would like to send it in for repair, you can choose from two methods to get your tool repaired. You can either go directly to your distributor that sold you the tool and they will deal with everything. Or you send us the tool directly. In both cases we would  like to ask you to fill out the following Tool Repair Form and add it to your repair order.

Tool Repair Form 

If you decide to send us the tool directly, please ship the complete tool kit to the following address. Please include the form that you can download above and if possible 25 samples of the fastener in use.

SFS Group USA, Inc.
Division Riveting (GESIPA)
126 Quality Drive
Mocksville, NC 27028


GESIPA® Manufacturer's warranty

All GESIPA® rivet setting tools are carefully checked and tested and are subject to tight controls by GESIPA® Quality Assurance. We provide a 24-month warranty period for hand-, battery-powered and pneumatic-hydraulic tools and a 6-month period for batteries. The term of warranty commences at the date of product purchase by the initial end user.

Manufacturer's warranty