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Business Units

GESIPA® rivet technology focuses on six customer segments. The top priority is the direct relationship with the customer and their specific requirements, with the aim of designing application-optimised and cost-effective riveting solutions. The GESIPA® Business Units are divided into five areas:

  • Distribution & Retail
  • Equipment Manufacturer<b/>
  • Industrial Application<b/>
  • Solid Riveting<b/>
  • Automotive Riveting

The GESIPA® business divisions

The GESIPA® Distribution & Retail Business Unit works in close partnership with the retail sector within Germany providing assistance with all kinds of questions and queries relating to riveting technology. When it comes to "fully automatic blind rivet processing" and "process monitoring", this is where the Equipment Manufacturer business division steps in. The Industrial Applications business division is the point of contact for specific segments of general industry (e.g. air conditioning and building technology), with highly experienced and skilled staff on hand to help out the relevant customers. Meanwhile, manufacturers and suppliers within the automotive industry are taken care of by our professional team of experts in the Automotive Riveting business division. And the fifth business division, Solid Riveting, adds complex solid and semi-tubular rivets as well as cold-formed parts to the GESIPA® portfolio, with the automotive and commercial vehicle industry being the core market. The FDR® division refers to the latest joining process from GESIPA®, which involves blind riveting without a pre-drilled hole.