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Our Technical Sales department looks after and assists national and international customers from industry with extremely high standards. Technically and economically optimum fastening solutions are developed together with developers, production planners and quality specialists. Two of the 

largest groups of industrial customers GESIPA® has are the automotive and automotive supplier industries. Within these sectors, extremely tough requirements are placed on complex connections that simply have to be safe, secure and cost-efficient. And it is down to us to satisfy these requirements perfectly at all times.

Flexibility and motivation

We have decades of experience in developing and offering guidance on application-specific blind rivets, blind rivet nuts and perfectly coordinated processing tools. Individual connections from GESIPA® are designed to respond to the specific challenges faced within industry as far as cost-efficiency, functionality and innovation are concerned. Special requests, such as surface treatment, application-specific shear and/or tensile strengths and setting process reliability, are defined by the Technical Sales department on a project-by-project basis, guaranteeing connections that can be reproduced time and time again. Custom production of application-specific blind rivets requires extensive quality control measures and function checks in line with our certified quality management system. The various services we offer are tailored to suit the specific requirements of the individual customer. We can respond to customers' requests for advice on a particular application, system maintenance agreements or training sessions with full flexibility.

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Have you got any specific requirements relating to the functionality off fasteners and/or do you need a suitable riveting tool? Tell us about what we can do for you! Regardless of whether you are in need of blind rivets, blind rivet nuts or a corresponding battery-powered or hydraulic tool, here at GESIPA® we are ready to work with you to develop the exact solution you are looking for. 

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