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as an employer

If you choose to join our team, we will offer you career prospects and opportunities for continued development. As a GESIPA® employee, not only will you be part of an 

international company, but you will also find yourself working in an exciting environment where sights are set firmly on the future.

Human touch

Here at GESIPA®, we really care about people. We offer every single one of our employees opportunities for further training and development and are always ready to help them get closer to achieving their professional goals. We value every last one of our employees as individuals. Thanks to our flat organisational structure and fast decision-making processes, every employee can play their part in shaping the future of GESIPA® by offering up ideas and putting their own skills to use.

Working environment

A pleasant working atmosphere and a modern place of work are both conducive to outstanding professional performances. We make sure that our employees are working in modern surroundings and have the work programmes they need available to them. We even take care of ergonomic working procedures, providing height-adjustable desks for our staff to work at. 

Safety in the workplace and job security

As a general rule, we offer our employees permanent positions and pay their annual salary on a 13-month basis. We also implement the highest of safety standards, performing regular checks to ensure that processes are as efficient as they can be and that the technology we are using is state-of-the-art.


A company can only succeed if all of its employees get along well with one another. At GESIPA®, we provide plenty of opportunities to ensure that there is solidarity amongst colleagues – including outside of working hours. The events we arrange are varied, ranging from sports activities as a team to relaxing evenings in a beer garden and afternoon BBQs. The main thing is that our employees have the chance to get to know colleagues from other departments who they might not deal with on a day-to-day basis. Colleagues can also meet up in our staff canteen, where they can go to eat lunch together every day.