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With integrated multi-window setting process monitoring

There is a practical modular principle at the heart of the pneumatic TAURUS® tool series for processing blind rivets, which allows you to adapt these setting tools to suit your own specific working requirements. Many of the accessory parts for the TAURUS® range

are compatible across the different tools. This means that you don't need to worry about having huge stocks of spare parts and maintenance is kept to a minimum. Thanks to TAURUS® WinTech, you can rely on your blind riveting tool to monitor the setting process using multi-window technology with up to three evaluation windows.

WinTech setting process monitoring

WinTech technology is ideal for demanding joining technology used for safety components such as in the aviation industry. The basis for monitoring the WinTech setting process is the tried-and-tested TAURUS® C. The setting process is evaluated with the aid of position and force sensors as well as integrated electronic circuitry. Up to three evaluation windows can be configured with special set-up software. A coloured LED on the tool shows the result of setting process monitoring. With a data line, the values can also be recorded and further processed.


  • High process reliability
  • Documentation of each individual setting process
  • Less scrap as faults are detected immediately
  • Avoidance of additional costs/quality costs due to NOK parts
  • Freedom of customer to configure how to enter and exit the evaluation window
  • Ability to monitor even flush-break rivets (MEGA GRIP®)

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