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Gun variants

GESIPA® blind riveting machines

Three different setting guns are available for use with all GAV versions with a view to improving the layout of the workstation. For manual workstations, there is a choice between an overhead gun with a hose assembly fed from above and a standard gun with a hose assembly fed from below. Both versions can be combined with a balancer to allow the operator to work efficiently without

fatigue. The robotic riveting gun has been developed specifically for use as part of fully automatic manufacturing systems as well as those operated by robots. It comes complete with the boreholes required for connection at the installation stage so there is no need to add those yourself. The scope of delivery always includes one setting pistol, which can then be freely modified as required.

Standard gun

The standard gun is deployed mainly for manual operation or operation by an operator and is compatible with vertical and horizontal riveting alike. The least expensive variant can be fitted with an additional handle as desired so as to improve the ergonomics. This can be particularly beneficial given applications based on a vertical riveting process.

Overhead gun

The overhead gun is designed to be used in any case when the hose assembly is in the way of the operator's legs or when it might come into contact with sensitive surfaces. It is also available with contact pressure monitoring.

Robotic riveting gun

The robotic riveting gun is intended primarily for use within fully automatic production systems. For vertical riveting, it can be fitted with an additional handle (with a trigger button), enabling it to be used manually too.