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GAV 8000 eco and electronic

GESIPA® blind riveting machines

The GAV 8000 comes in two different versions: the GAV 8000 eco basic variant without setting process monitoring and the GAV 8000 electronic variant for industrial manufacturing applications with integrated setting process monitoring.

Both versions will cut down your time and cost outputs by as much as 50% and can be operated independently, integrated into a system or connected to a robot.

Productivity and potential for savings

If you need 500,000 blind rivets or more on a yearly basis, the GAV 8000 is the most profitable option for you. The amount of money and time you have to invest can be cut by as much as half in comparison to standard blind riveting tools. This huge potential for savings is brought about by the combination of the many advantages afforded by the GAV: For one thing, you don't need to have any specialist operating staff, as integration into fully automatic manufacturing systems is no trouble at all. What's more, up to 40 blind rivets can be processed every minute within a maximum working radius of 5 m.

Tool description

The GAV 8000 is easy to operate using the navigation and function buttons in conjunction with the display and intuitive menu interface. All upcoming maintenance work is also displayed for you and troubleshooting and customer-specific software-related modifications are no problem at all. The GAV 8000 is perfect for any applications that don't require process monitoring (eco variant only). The system can be operated independently or integrated into a system and there is even the option for contact pressure monitoring if required. Mandrel body disposal is incredibly straightforward using an installed vacuum system and an interface for external programmable logic controllers (PLCs) can be set up via the GESIPA®-Interface.

Working capacity

•    Ø 2.4 mm to 6.4 mm for alu and Cu
•    Up to Ø 6 mm for steel
•    Up to Ø 5 mm for stainless steel
•    Head diameter up to 11.4 mm
•    Rivet body lengths over 30 mm
•    Setting force up to 12,000 N with air pressure 6 bar

Improved technology

The GAV automatic riveting machines have been redesigned with sustainability in mind: Thanks to several system modifications and the resulting adapted setup, air consumption has been reduced by up to 24%. Despite the reduced compressed air requirement, the performance of the GAV could even be increased under certain conditions. Considerable progress was also made in the area of residual mandrel disposal with the GAV facelift. These modifications have generated a significantly stronger vacuum, which, among other things, allows the previous maximum length of the hose package to be increased from 5 m to up to 8 m.

And that is new:

  • Depending on the blind rivets processed, compressed air savings of up to 24% are possible
  • Less compressed air needs to be generated to operate the GAV
  • Due to the reduced consumption, there are fewer fluctuations in the customer's compressed air network
  • The possibility of using longer hose packages increases the flexibility of the GAV

You can find more information about the update here:


Comparison of GAV 8000 eco vs. GAV 8000 electronic

Properties GAV 8000 eco GAV 8000 electronic
Possible size range 2.4 mm–6.4 mm (alu) x x
Up to 40 setting processes every minute x x
Independent operation possible x x
PLC control possible x x
Intelligent control system – high process reliability x x
Option to adjust settings for all operating parameters on the display x x
Maintenance displayed x x
Power supply unit: Convenient automatic adaptation to all country-specific power grids through wide-range input x x
Simple update of the control unit possible via USB interface x x
Modern 7" display with high resolution (800x480 px), good contrasts and improved viewing angle dependence x x
Process monitoring   x
Storage of process parameters for up to 9,999 different components   x
Online transfer of process data   x
Storage of the last 100.000 riveting processes on the tool   x