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GAV 8000 accessories

GESIPA® blind riveting machines

The GAV 8000 eco and GAV 8000 electronic can be used to set high-strength blind rivets automatically, with or without integrated process monitoring. As you can well imagine, this makes

blind riveting machines perfectly suited to use within industrial manufacturing applications. With GAV 8000 accessories, you can equip your tools perfectly for every application. 

Electrical foot pedal

The electrical foot pedal is a practical solution wherever applications require both hands to affix the parts that need to be riveted.

Interface for connecting to external control

The new Interface developed by GESIPA® is based on an embedded PC system. It features 16 digital control inputs and outputs, Ethernet connection compatibility via an RJ45 socket, and status LEDs. Also amongst the features offered by the new interface are options to connect a protocol converter for all current bus systems and external storage devices as well as a USB port to enable data to be transferred speedily. The GESIPA®-Interface also has a process database, where the last 250,000 pieces of process data (e.g. date, time, riveting point, process curve and evaluation) can be stored. The interface is naturally backwards compatible, meaning it can be used with older models.

Special length tube packages

By using special length tube packages, the working radius can be extended, which is useful on fully automatic production lines, for example. Different lengths can be requested to suit your specific application, ranging between 3.75 m and 5.0 m.

GAV trolley

The trolley has been designed especially for the GAV to make it mobile and allow for users to change where they are working quickly and conveniently and enjoy added flexibility.