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GESIPA® set up its first branch in the USA in 1975. GESIPA Fasteners USA, Inc. was opened in Trenton, New Jersey and started to produce blind rivets for the American market from this point onwards.

Thanks to the extra sales of blind rivet setting tools produced in Germany, GESIPA® was soon able to gain a foothold in the USA.

In 1990, GESIPA® then also acquired the Olympic Fastening Systems production facility in Vivian. From then on, MEGA GRIP® and BULB-TITE® blind rivets were also produced in the USA and exported to all of the countries around the world where there was a demand for them.

In 1995, production was moved from Trenton, New Jersey to Vivian and another US production facility was opened in 1999 in Mocksville, North Carolina, where Polygrip® blind rivets then started to be produced.

In the years that followed the acquisition by SFS Group AG, the various facilities and specialisms were all grouped together in one location. After GESIPA® was taken over by SFS Group AG in 2009, the facilities were all relocated so that all of the specialist fields within the USA were consolidated at just one location going forward. The facility in Trenton, New Jersey was first to be moved to Mocksville in 2013, followed by the facility in Vivian in 2016. As the different facilities were combined into one, the Mocksville site was also modernised and equipped with new machinery and its own Demo Center, giving employees – and more importantly partners and customers – the chance to get to grips with the state-of-the-art technologies and blind rivet/blind rivet nut processing tools.

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