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In 1991, GESIPA® – as a globally leading company specialising in the development and production of blind rivets and corresponding processing tools – took on the production facility in Thal, which had been established back in 1917. Since then, we have continually invested in the growth and modernisation of the 

site. State-of-the-art machinery is used at the Thal site to produce a current total of some 2.5 million blind rivets every day. As one of the biggest employers outside of Eisenach, the entire European core business of blind rivet production will be consolidated at the Thal site within the next few years.


Read more about the history of our site in Thal (Ruhla).

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The latest news from the Thal facility

Since GESIPA Blindniettechnik GmbH (since 2023: SFS Group Germany GmbH - Industrial End Markets – GESIPA®) took on the Thal facility back in 1991, we have continually invested in the growth and modernisation of the site. By 2020, this site will have evolved into GESIPA®'s European centre of excellence for blind rivet production. Our plan is to double the capacity at the Thal site by 2020, so we are now starting to extend the production and warehouse spaces from the current span of 7800 square metres to 15,000 square metres. As well as building on the facility capacity, we will also be creating 80 new jobs at the site by 2020. The new roles will mainly be for technicians, engineers and machinery and systems operators. We will be working with local training institutes on some of the training for these new employees.

EVOTION groundbreaking ceremony in Thal

The big groundbreaking ceremony for the "Evotion" project took place on Friday, 23 September 2016 at the GESIPA® facility in Thal. The event was attended by some VIP guests who included the Thuringian State Economy Minister, Wolfgang Tiefensee, and District Administrator, Reiner Krebs. You can find event-related pictures and news reports here: Groundbreaking ceremony in Thal, Thuringia.