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GESIPA® sells rivet technology products and solutions all around the world. Since the company was first founded in Frankfurt am Main in Germany in 1955, a number of market organisations have been opened in different countries with the task of serving regional and international markets, which have some specific requirements. One example is the GESIPA® facility in China, which has existed since 2011. A sector of particular interest

within the Chinese market is the automotive industry, with a focus on the production of light and electric vehicles. GESIPA® sells its complete system consisting of joining elements that are produced in line with requirements and perfectly coordinated processing tools and thereby offers extensive solution expertise from a single source.

The GESIPA® market organisation in China is another one of the company's production facilities. Established in 2011, GESIPA®'s Chinese site originally had the sole purpose of selling our products within the Chinese market. We didn't start manufacturing our own products in China until 2014. And now, the Chinese GESIPA® production facilities are based in Nantong, whilst the Demonstration & Training Center can be found in Shanghai. This is where customers and partners can discover the wide range of GESIPA® rivet technology and give it a go for themselves.

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Our colleagues at the Nantong facility and the Demonstration Center in Shanghai are always on hand and ready to help our customers based in China with their requests and wishes.

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