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PERI relies on GESIPA®

 PERI GmbH is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of formwork and scaffolding systems in the world. The company also happens to be a highly valued customer of SFS Group Germany GmbH - Division Riveting – GESIPA® and we are proud to present the TRIO panel formwork, which features blind rivets from GESIPA® amongst other components. The TRIO panel formwork is a

formwork system that can be handled by cranes and is used mainly within structural engineering and industrial construction applications as well as civil engineering projects. The patented BFD alignment coupler, which can be operated by only one hand and is the only joining element required, allows for flush, aligned and tight connections to be made between elements without any issue at all.

One of the largest manufacturers of formwork and scaffolding systems in the world and one of GESIPA®'s partners.

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    PERI GmbH, formwork and scaffolding system engineering
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    Centre International (Paris)
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    TRIO panel formwork from PERI