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IBC SOLAR – SolarGrip®

IBC SOLAR AG, one of the world's leading specialists in photovoltaic systems, works in partnership with GESIPA®. For the efficient IBC

TopFix installation system, GESIPA® developed a blind rivet in line with its specific technical requirements and took care of production in Germany.

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    IBC TopFix
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    IBC Solar

SolarGrip® – a special rivet

A quick and precise working procedure and splash waterproof riveting points are key to guaranteeing durable and reliable connections. GESIPA® recommends using the PowerBird® Solar or AccuBird® to speed up and simplify the assembly process. This is what our customer IBC SOLAR had to say about the SolarGrip®: "In the IBC TopFix 200, we offer our customers an installation system with building approval that is designed for sloping roofs and guarantees maximum flexibility and premium quality. The IBC TopFix 200 can be used universally on any sloping roof and provides solutions for all sorts of roofing. For installation on trapezoidal sheet roofs, special pre-assembled module clamps are used, cutting the time needed for installation down by as much as 20% compared to if standard installation systems are used.

SolarGrip® rivets from GESIPA® ensure that installation on the sheet is safe, quick and straightforward. This rivet has been adapted specifically to suit our system and to comply with our quality standards, guaranteeing watertightness, a long service life and excellent cost-effectiveness. It has already proven its worth time and time again. As well as using SolarGrip® within photovoltaic projects on our customers' behalf, we also rely on the rivet for our own systems. Since April 2013, a photovoltaic system has been supplying power to our company's HQ in Bad Staffelstein. As there weren't any suitable roof surfaces available, we added carports to our staff car park and installed photovoltaic modules on top of those. For the installation on the trapezoidal sheet roofs, we used pre-assembled clamps with SolarGrip® rivets as a safe and high-quality solution from our partner GESIPA® that is quick to install and never fails to impress!"