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The finest precision work takes place at the Breezer Aircraft factory in Bredstedt in Germany and the result is premium ultra-light and light-sport aircraft with a striking design. Having been created in 2006, there are now 20 specialists working on the development of the beloved Breezer, which is a dynamic all-rounder with excellent flight characteristics. For this premium manufacturer, safety, quality processing and customer focus are all top priorities. Essentially, the Breezer is the best of both worlds, combining premium quality straight from the north of Germany with a pure passion for flying.

The Breezer has two seats and a classic aluminium supporting structure. Rivets are used for the majority of the permanent connections within the aircraft and they are predominantly supplied by GESIPA®, with most of them being PolyGrip® blind rivets. Blind rivets are the preferred choice for the Breezer given that they are so quick and easy to process. Plus, the rivet process used makes repair work significantly more straightforward. Pneumatic tools are used for setting in this case.

Breezer Aircraft is a German aircraft manufacturer that reflects a pure passion for flying. The Breezer aircraft skilfully combines essential flight characteristics, making it a true all-rounder.

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