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Local commitment

Our commitment

In addition to supporting our business partners and various sports clubs, GESIPA® also gets involved with regional institutions,

such as universities, schools and socially valuable foundations. You can find some of our regional sponsorship activities here.

FaSTDa Racing Team of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

Since the Formula Student season 2012, the FaSTDa Racing Team of the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences is supported by GESIPA®. GESIPA® promotes the team consisting of male and female students in the development and construction of their racing car. GESIPA® has chosen the commitment to advance the students ability of putting their theoretical knowledge into practical experience.


The Margit Horvath Foundation is an organization whose mission is to promote commitment, moral courage and a better understanding of the present, especially for young people. In September 2016, the Horvath Center in Mörfelden-Walldorf was inaugurated in close proximity to the GESIPA® Headquater. The center protects remains of the former concentration camp branch in Walldorf. GESIPA® considers the work of the Foundation to be very significant and supported the construction work with full conviction.

Commitment at local schools

As we all know, youth is our future and so our offspring's education is very important. GESIPA®  has been supporting regional schools for years. GESIPA® tries to inspire the pupil's enthusiasm for riveting technologies and to offer them a perspective for their further development.