Rivet Set Monitoring

GESIPA® has taken the rivet setting process to a new level. In the TAURUS® 1-4 series GESIPA® offers a Process C version that monitors the setting process of each rivet. This provides your manufacturing the process control needed to guarantee the proper rivet set. This is achieved by direct online analysis of the Force and Stroke required to pull each rivet. The TAURUS® C series offers:

  • Quick Analysis (< 1μ Sec)
  • LED (Green / Red) display on the tool or display
  • Storage of setting data
  • Programmable per rivet
  • Guaranteed rivet set

For additional control and monitoring you may add the GESIPA® interface to your Process Control system to:

  • Connect to your PLC
  • Go / No Go capability to prevent next rivet set if bad rivet is detected
  • Collect all data from each rivet set

If you are looking for a reliable, solid, 'poka-yoke' rivet connection, GESIPA® has the right tool for you in the TAURUS® C. Please contact us at info_ett_@gesipausa_dot_.com or call us at 1-800-257-9404 and ask for a Tool Technician.

GESIPA® Embedded Interface