As a further development of GESIPA's tried and tested FireFox® 2, the FireRex® blind rivet nut tool is designed for easy integration into assembly processes.  The FireRex® system's hydro-pneumatic powered tool head is separated from its external pressure booster to provide greater application flexibility.  Whether operated manually within a workstation or attached to a robot, the compact tool head ensures easy access into tight spaces.  The FireRex® system can also be ordered with GESIPA's Process Monitoring feature.

  • Lightweight riveting gun
  • Umbilical hose connection with quick-release coupling (on request), disconnects the gun from the external pressure booster without oil loss and without venting
  • Compact yet robust design enables access into tight clearances
  • Ideal for installation in assembly cells, fixtures or semi-automatic workstations
  • Can be equipped with almost all FireFox® 2 accessories: e.g. extension units, Blind rivet nut counter, setting process monitoring, spring-loaded trigger system and remote control

NOTE:  All hose connections are 6mm ø (1/4”)