GESIPA®´s new products

New products of GESIPA® are always user oriented engineered and primarily customized for special applications. Often they can be adapted very easily and economically to other applications as required.

  • Stainless Steel Large Flange Head Blind Rivet Series
  • G-Bulb® Blind Rivet
  • Blind rivets made of nickel-copper-alloy (Monel®)
  • FireRex®
  • Automatic blind riveting unit GAV HF
  • PowerBird® Gold Edition
  • TAUREX 5 multiple riveting head
  • GESIPA®-Blind riveting tool TAURUS® Axial and TAUREX Axial
  • TAURUS® with automatic VAS-deactivation
  • Angle head 90° for TAURUS® 1 thru 4
  • Interface - Setting process control at its highest level