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FireFox® 2 F Axial eco

With spring-loaded trigger system and counting sensor

The FireFox® 2 F Axial eco is an available variant that can also be equipped with a spring-loaded trigger system and/or counting sensor if required by our customers. This pneumatic blind rivet nut setting tool is ideal for working vertically and

for installation into manufacturing systems. Flexible, ergonomic working procedures from above are no problem at all, which is perfect for applications with restricted access.

Contact pressure system and counting sensor

This tool is based on the tried-and-tested FireFox® 2 F Axial eco. Three versions are available: with contact pressure monitoring, with counting function, or with contact pressure monitoring and counting function. The counting function is realised by an analogue oil pressure sensor and the contact pressure monitoring via an adjustable spring mechanism. Using an analogue oil pressure sensor allows the threshold value of the oil pressure, above which the setting process is recognised as valid, to be set on a programmable logic controller (PLC) that is not part of the standard scope of delivery.

  • Low-price entry-level model for process monitoring
  • Ideally suited for installation in assembly benches, fixtures or semi-automated workstations
  • Handy for processing blind rivet nuts in places that require vertical riveting action
  • Can be attached to a balancer
Technical data:

Weight: 3,3 kgMax. setting stroke: 10 mmSetting force: 22 kN at 6 barHose connection: 6 mm Ø (1/4’’)Compressed air consumption: approx. 2-4 l per setting (depending on nut size)Working range: Sets blind rivet nuts from M4 to M10 in all materials and M12 in aluminium and steel.


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If you would like further information or expert advice on your very own FireFox® 2 F Axial eco with contact pressure monitoring and a counting sensor, all you need to do is ask. We can also provide prices and delivery times for the setting tool on request.

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