Safe + Reliable


To guarantee permanent connections for our customers, we always produce to the state-of-the-art ? something we have done since 1955. Continuous investment in employee qualifications and modern production technology form the basis for our sustained success. Thanks to ongoing production inspections, we guarantee flawless setting and the secure hold of our products. Our core business is to manage limited part accessibility and the permanent secure fastening of the vastly different and even sensitive materials.

GESIPA© blind rivets are available in a variety of types, materials, shapes, lengths and even colours. Depending on the requirements that a GESIPA© blind rivet needs to fulfil, GESIPA© customers can choose between standard models available on stock or special blind rivets designed for specific applications. Optically, GESIPA© blind rivets also achieve a high-quality and appealing connection thanks to the coordinated geometries and first-rate materials of the individual components.