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Change in the Executive board at GESIPA

Urs Langenauer will be the new Executive Director of GESIPA Blindniettechnik GmbH and Head of Division Riveting within the SFS group effective from…

SFS realizes solid sales growth in 2018

SFS's annual report shows, that GESIPA's parent company achieved a solid sales growth of 6,5% in the 2018 financial year.

SFS sustained good growth momentum

The SFS Group AG, parent company of GESIPA® expanded its market positions and sustained its good sales growth during the first six months of 2018.…

25th Annual General Meeting of SFS Group AG

729 shareholders took part in the 25th Annual General Meeting and represented 81,9 % of all votes. All proposals by the Board of Directors were…

Dynamic sales growth for SFS in 2017, parent company of GESIPA®

After 2016 the last year was also a successful year fort he SFS Group in Switzerland, parent company of GESIPA Blindniettechnik GmbH. Operating profit…

Fastening Systems segment realised a pleasing growth

Parent company of GESIPA®: SFS achieved solid sales growth and a substantial improvement in profitability

GESIPA® is growing - new opened Demonstration- and Training centre in Poland

GESIPA® Krakow now has its own Demonstration-Centre, to demonstrate the entire GESIPA® production programme to our customers in a convivial…

The new NTX: One of the most popular GESIPA® products through the ages

2016 GESIPA® has advanced its manual blind rivet setting tools NTX/NTX-F as well as its blind rivet nut setting tool GBM 10.

New hand riveting tools NTX and GBM 10

In 2016 GESIPA® has launched its manual blind rivet setting tools NTX/NTX-F and GBM 10 with new softgrip-sleeves for a simple riveting.

SFS strengthen its position in the market of medical device industry

The SFS group is aquiring Tegra Medical and expands its supplier business in medical device industry.