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GESIPA® Olpe is our German production site dedicated to solid and semi-tubular rivets. This form of rivet technology involves the production of form-fitted connections that are both modern

and yet tried-and-tested. Products coming out of Olpe are deployed primarily within trucks and trailers, vehicle and child seats, brake callipers and steering columns. 

The current Olpe site – located just off the A4/A45 motorway junction in the Sauerland region to the east of Cologne – was originally set up in 1874 by Weber & Ochsenfeld. The GESIPA® subsidiary W+O Niettechnik GmbH became known for its high-level, innovative joining technology. In 2016, the production facilities in Olpe were integrated into the GESIPA® Group as the Solid Riveting business division.

GESIPA® Olpe receives support in many areas, including sales, from HQ in Mörfelden-Walldorf, which isn't far from Frankfurt am Main. With expertise in the production of innovative joining elements and highly complex formed parts for solid and semi-tubular rivets having been collected over a great many years, GESIPA® Olpe is on hand to help as your specialist development partner and manufacturer within this specific and yet incredibly varied segment of rivet technology.