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Vanessa Busch

Marketing employee

Former trainee at GESIPA®

"I'm proud of the huge confidence that is placed in me."


How did you get your current job?

I started as an intern in Marketing. Shortly afterwards I was offered a professional training as Kauffrau für Marketingkommunikation (Marketing Communications Assistant). After having passed my exam I was taken over as a full member of the Marketing team in January 2017.

Have you aimed at this job that you are doing now right from the beginning of your career?

Already when I was at school I was highly interested in marketing and media and I knew that I would be aiming at a professional career in this sector later on. However, I had never imagined to work in blind rivet technology, not at all.

What is the reason why you are still working for GESIPA?

On the one hand, my team with whom I enjoy working together. Besides this I already assumed a lot of responsibility right from the beginning, and I´m proud of the huge confidence that is placed in me. It is always a nice feeling when you come to the end of a project and you can look back at the good results that you have achieved.

Which recommendations would you give to young people for their future professional career?

Do what you like doing, don't underestimate yourself and have the courage to face new challenges!