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Stefan Petsch

Product Launch Manager

"From the idea to the finished serial product."


What are your tasks in the company at the moment?

Product Launch Manager: My responsibility in this position is to coordinate the specialized departments in order to guarantee the smooth start of new serial productions, both for new fasteners and new setting tools. This is also known as "Quality Gate Process" – established in our Management System. We aim at finding a fast and target-oriented way of introducing new, high-quality and attractive products to the market. To put it in simple words: "From the idea to the successful serial product".

How did you get your current job?

While working for another technology group for 13 years I never lost my good connections to GESIPA®.  When they were looking for a candidate to fill the new position of "Product Launch Manager", GESIPA® and I started to talk again ...

Have you aimed at this job that you are doing now right from the beginning of your career?

That's a good question since it allows to differentiate between "profession" and "education/training" : Education/training refers to what you have learned or studied. Profession is the job that you currently have. I studied Mechanical Engineering at TU Darmstadt which means that I am Diplom-Ingenieur (Graduate Engineer). I´ve always been interested in engineering. After my studies I started as deputy Quality Manager with GESIPA® and advanced to the position of QM later on. Coming back to the original question: No, I had never planned to work as Quality Manager, and to be honest, I did not know what to expect. My current job as Product Launch Manager also deals with "quality", in this case referring to processes. After 21 years as Quality Manager this was a deliberate decision: from  "front end" to "back end".

What is the reason why you are still (again) working for GESIPA?

GESIPA® has always been a solid company with outstanding products. By being incorporated into the SFS Group, GESIPA® has now even more got the financial and infrastructural backbone that is needed in order to further extend its position as a market leader in a global market that is becoming more and more competitive. As a "repeat offender", which means working for GESIPA®  a second time, I can only say: I would never have come back if I was not convinced of GESIPA®.