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Lisa Steinkopf

Trainee to Industriekauffrau

"You receive support and advice from trainers and the department."



How did you come to know GESIPA® and why have you decided to apply with the company?

I became aware of GESIPA® through a member of my family. First, I only had a temporary job with the company during which I got to know the other trainees, the employees and also the company in more detail.  I found GESIPA® to be an attractive company and employer, this is why I decided to start my professional training with this company.

What did your first days with GESIPA® look like?                  

On our 1st day we received all important information from our two trainers, then we introduced ourselves to the other trainees and had breakfast and lunch together. Afterwards we had a guided tour through production and were introduced to our departments. In addition, we had a teambuilding event with all trainees from all locations in Germany. On your first working days you get a lot of explanations but you are also allowed to do your first tasks on your own. In the following weeks, the company organizes an onboarding day which is used to provide more detailed knowledge about the company and its products.


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