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Laura Hartmann

Personnel Officer and Trainer

What are your tasks at GESIPA?

As a personnel officer, I have a varied range of tasks and the word monotony is a foreign word to me.
For example, I recruit new employees, am the contact person for apprentices and ensure their apprenticeship, advise managers on strategic and individual personnel measures, represent GESIPA® at trade fairs and other events, work on exciting projects, and so on.

How did you find out about GESIPA?

I became aware of GESIPA® rather by chance through a job advertisement.
Since I was looking for a company that has a medium-sized character, where I can develop myself and have an international exchange. GESIPA in connection with the SFS Group was a dream professional outlook for me.

What is special about the apprenticeship at GESIPA for you as a trainer?

I think the independence of the apprentices is special and important! For example, our apprentices work independently of their assigned department on many interesting projects, which they also manage on their own responsibility. Furthermore, we set annual goals together with each individual apprentice.